Saturday, 3 December 2016

OOTD - 17 - Not always wearing all black

väike throwback ühele outfitile,mille pildistasin ammu aga ülesse pole pannud,seega otsustasin seda nüüd teha,sest uusi pilte hetkel pole.
Minu mega tavaline look, mis on mugav aga samas ka näeb khuul välja,ei räägigi siin pikalt,outfiti detailid on piltide all :)

Little throwback to an outfit,that I wore a little time ago,but have not posted here,so I decided to post it now,because I do not have new photos unfortunately.
My everyday basic look,comfy but cool at the same time,I'm not going to talk a lot here,all the details about the look are under the pictures. :)


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