Monday, 21 November 2016

Wishlist - 2016 - all black

sattusin üle pika aja lehele ja seal ringi vaadates mõtlesin,et võiks teha ühe postituse,kus jagan enda praeguse hetke most-wanted asju.
Paljud neist ma kavatsen ka üsna pea ära osta/tellida,aga kahjuks Chanel mini boy bag ja Gucci dionysus jäävadki vaid unistusteks,aga otsustasin neid siiski jagada,sest top 1-2 kohta hoiavad nad mu wishlistis ikkagi alati ja no nad on lihtsalt perfektsed.. Mustad nahast Tommy Hilfigeri püksid on mega ilusad,aga nii palju ma nende eest välja ei käiks,Zaras on väga ideaalsed duped neist,mis on kordadest odavamad,aga kahjuks polyvorest ma neid ei leidnud-need ostaksin mina.

I visited a site called after a long time and thought I would do a blog post where I share my most wanted pieces right now.
A lot of them I plan on buying/ordering in a near future,but unfortunately Chanel mini boy bag and Gucci dionysus will always be only a dream,but I still decided to share them because they are my top 1-2 most wanted items and .. they are just perfection. Black leather Tommy Hilfiger pants are really cool,but I would not pay so much for them, in Zara I saw a really similar pair for a lot less,but I could not find them on Polyvore-I would buy these.

(Polyvore picture and links are in the previous post because blogger didn't allow me do add any texts to the polyvore post)

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