Tuesday, 10 October 2017

OOTD - 29 - it's so fluffy im gonna die!


Kuna ma just alustasin uuel töökohal,mis vajab palju koolitusi ja õppimist,siis hetkel olen ma üsna busy ning seetõttu ei ole ka nii palju aega blogimisega tegeleda. Aga selle outfiti pildistasime õega umbes nädala aega tagasi ja otsustasin seda siis teiega jagada. Mu 2 top fave riideeset see talv,need mustad hõbedaste detailidega saapad ja mu hall fluffy coat,mõlemad meeldivad mulle nii väga,et tellisin sama jaki juba ka musta värvi ning kavatsen ka sarnased saapad mõnes teises värvis tellida,maybe punased ? ülejäänud obviously all black,sorry not sorry .


Because I just started working at a new place,that needs a lot of studying,I don't have a lot of free time to blog.But me and my sister shot this ootd like a week ago and I decided to share it with you now. My top 2 fave things this winter are those black boots with silver details and this gray fluffy jacket,I love both of them so much that I already ordered this jacket in black and are planning on ordering these boots in different color also,maybe in red ? rest of the outfit is obviously black,sorry not sorry .

Hope you like it!

( boots - DeeZee, jeans - H&M,top - H&M, bag - Mohito,coat - WishApp ( http://www.wish.com/c/57d68105ac0f1413576005a2 )

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