Monday, 15 August 2016

OOTD - 1 - First outfit post


Ma olen Triinu ja ma otsustasin alustada oma blogiga.
Ma pole päris kindel miks,sest kirjutamine pole kohe üldse minu teema,aga ehk on siin veel inimesi,kellele meeldibki rohkem pilte vaadata ( mina olen kohe kindlasti just selline inimene )
seega,siin on mu esimene postitus,milleks on outfit of the day ja loodan,et teile meeldib! Tsau!


I'm Triinu and I decided to start a blog.
I'm not quite sure why,Im not much of an writer but i guess it can be like a childrens book... filled mostly with pictures.
So here's my first post,an outfit post.I hope you enjoy it and see you soon!

Jeans-Zara,T-shirt-Zara,Bomber-Missguided,Sunglasses-Ebay,Bag-Reserved,Shoes-Sensay,Watch-River Island

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